Theresa Roba, Spiritual Medium


Spirit Speaks

Theresa's current message that has been given by Spirit to share with the world.

Message 1: "GIVE AND RECEIVE LOVE - KEEP YOUR HEART OPEN." 9-11-11  Keep your heart open to God's miracles in your life, for you and your loved ones. When your heart is giving and receiving, it mirrors the breath of life in the lungs in truth you are not fully alive unless you allow the breath of love to flow fully through the chambers of your heart.  So now take a deep breath to activate the love to flow deeper within your heart and out into the world.(..iinnnn.....oouuuttt.). Thank you God for these words... I feel You helping my life lift up to Your Holiness, which in turn brings me joy and blessing to all ....Amen.Innocent



Very similar to John Edwards or James Van Praugh, Theresa is truly a gifted psychic medium that has helped thousands understand that we are loved and truly never alone. You will love her enthusiasm, compassion, sincerity, warmth and sense of humor. She has a devotion to the Virgin Mary and Padre Pio who have both appeared to her.

The holy spirit has worked through Theresa to help many sense the presence of their deceased loved ones with deeply personal messages that bring comfort, peace and hope.  She is also able to help you out with questions on health, family, finances, work, etc. Open your heart and believe in the possibilities and you too can feel the connection.


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I just wanted to thank Theresa for the reading i got tonight! I will be honest that i didn't expect much BUT did come into this experience with an open mind.... well, add me to the list of believers! I am greatful to know that my baby boy, Tyler is safe and at peace! His short lived, chaotic...

Denise Zukowski